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Marketeer will be present at the V Edition of the Mobile Commerce Congress, to be held next Tuesday, October 17 in Madrid (# MCCES17), the only event in Spain on mobile commerce and omnicanality. A space to learn mobile and multichannel strategies from world-renowned retailers, both national and international. Rudy Bianco, CEO of Marketeer, will give a presentation on how chatbots are the key to payments in the futureRudy Bianco will be speaking in the main area from 10:10 until 10:40, don’t miss out!


In general, the users do not like to be attended by telephone machine, we prefer to talk to people. But what if we could make the machines speak like humans, as in the movie Her? What if I told you we’re on our way?


Multi-channel, in danger of extinction: the era of omni-canality


Now it is not enough to have a multi-channel business. In the congress it will be possible to verify that the omni-canality is already part of the present and has come to stay. Marketeer is committed to a fluid human-machine understanding. Together with AI and NLP, this solution allows you to understand a text and not just simple keywords like a search engine, that is, the machine understands human conversational language. In particular, Marketeer employs 14 algorithms to detect and understand both simple texts (eg, questions and answers) as well as longer texts, which is much more complicated. This is where machine learning also comes into play, the aim of which is for machines to learn from humans without having to “be taught.”


By automatically learning from interaction with customers, similarly to doing it by email, Facebook, etc. and after seeing what and how users ask the bot, you can know how to optimize the software and provide better instant answers in real time. In addition, with the training of the tool, this is perfected.


Marketeer’s cognitive expert system makes it possible for the user to see the results and for the machine to do the same as a mirror effect, analyzing them and responding accordingly. It is a very complicated system, but extremely useful.


Another of Marketeer’s strengths is that its operation allows you to go one step beyond ecommerce and move to conversational commerce. Conversational commerce is based on a messaging app serving not only to talk to the user, but also to support or even sell. That’s why omni-canality is key, since it allows you to be in contact with your real and potential clients anywhere.

 Marketeer con Rudy Bianco presenta con Mastercard solución ecommerce conversacional

Network cybersecurity


One of the topics in the congress is the big data and cybersecurity, a room in which Rudy Bianco will give his presentation and tell us about how chatbots can change the way we make payments in the future driving the mobile sale, since to buy from our mobile phones is often more comfortable and simple.


However, one of the concerns that still prevails in this generation is the tracking and gathering of data, as well as cybersecurity. Marketeer tracks data in real time, while interacting with users, for the sole purpose of improving the tool and delivering more accurate results with its use.


Want to know more about big data and cybersecurity? Find out at the Mobile Commerce Congress. We will wait for you!