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August 3, 2017by Rudy Bianco

What’s omnichannel?

It is a new concept that has been taking bill of the market, and it can be called Omni-channel, OmniChannel, Channel Omni, among others. The word has been understood as ‘cross-channel’ and the aim is to diversify consumers’ focus. Now they don’t have to center themselves on a specific channel, because they have the chance of doing it on all simultaneously.

The best way of making customers to have an integral perception of the brand is by providing their experience data, in a way in which they can be guided by a context of their future experiences. It is a new way of working our good and old marketing and that hasn’t been receiving enough attention.

Many people like to look for prices and products. This way, instead of letting the consumer go out of certain brand’s universe looking for better prices, products or services, results better to deepen them even more in this universe, offering exactly what they need in a precise and effective way.

omnichannel graph

OmniChannel is the future, it is the product research, selection and payment inside just one experience. It is the evolution of the multichannel concept, focusing on the consumer’s experience in a brand’s channels. It is a new commerce trend that causes the convergence of all company’s channels, turning possible that the consumer doesn’t see the difference between the online and offline world, breaking barriers between both worlds.

Consumers can satisfy their needs whenever and wherever they wish, without differentiating the channel, creating a positive brand image due to the easy access online and offline, a continuous cycle of sales and after-sales. With OmniChannel it is possible to do a low investment, personalized actions, offering services and products the consumer really wants, attracting to the stores, digital or physical.

How to apply it in your business?

Create a language to use in all the channels is the first thing to do, which provides the feeling of knowing the customer.

Afterwards, integrate all the channels with sales logistics and communication, physical and virtual stores, across technology, ensuring all the channels have access to the same information. All the selling points must be able to solve the needs of the consumer. Ex: the customer can buy online and change a product in the physical store, or vice versa.

Everything must be aligned so that the client is able to walk in both universes, physically or virtually. This means aligning strategy, management, communication, finance, information, price, stock, among others.

How do I turn my company into omnichannel?

You should think in everything said previously. Omnichannel doesn’t mean to be in all channels with duplicated resources. Omnicanal, is unifying channels and resources in the same site, this way if the client contacts via WhatsApp, Facebook or sends an e-mail, your company receives everything in the same panel or dashboard and can answer in a simpler way.

“Now if additionally this control panel learns and auto-responds, it would be awesome! ”

Here is where Marketeer solutions are able to help you to transform your business into OmniChannel. It’s everything about innovative technology and having the best tools. The success key to increase sales and guarantee customer’s satisfaction is to make customer service efficient.

It is crucial to focus on customer’s satisfaction along with his/her whole purchase experience. Probably, the most important factor is how and when one interacts with the client. Also, patience is remarkable. The immediacy is a crucial factor in decision making nowadays

“If I ask you something and have to wait 5 minutes for getting an answer, probably I have left the web already ”

According to InsideSales research, the time of response is one of the crucial factors in customer service.

Marketeer omnichannel strategy

Nowadays, there are many technological solutions, but not all of them are necessary. We must understand which is the most beneficial for our business. Lately, you have may have heard about bots’ boom. The companies are using chatbots to interact with clients and facilitate the sales process. But not all technologies are good.

What is a Bot?

A bot by definition means to automate a process. Sometimes there are bots that can automate actions according to words, as for example, to say “pizza” and get as a response “how many”. These processes are really complex to develop and difficult to follow by the user. They have very strict guidelines, and if you leave them, say goodbye or start the process again.

What is a bot with AI?

omnichannel in action

In case of Marketeer, thanks to the combination of Artificial Intelligence skills, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Cognitive Intelligence (the new branch of intelligence that works for automatic processes relation, very similar to human functioning and reasoning). By gathering all this information about your clients, your company will be capable to interact with them in an effective way. That’s why the services offered by Marketeer could be a good tool.

Hybrid solution, the key. Why is it important that the Bot works as a whole with your team?

Another benefit provided by Marketeer’s new system is the aptitude to work in a hybrid way (human + machine). The customer won’t feel alone at anytime, there will be an intelligent automatic 24-hour system to help him/her. When the system lacks the necessary information to answer, the bot transfers automatically the claim to a person of your company. Machine Learning’s system operates where the agent wishes, and he/she can record the response to be learned by the bot. In this way the bot will answer all the new similar claims.


The natural language processing in native language

The natural language processing works in order to react differently in every conversation. Marketeer owns its technology, and has already been tested by more than 50M users for solving doubts in multiple languages. Marketeer possesses native language processing in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, French, German and even in Catalan.

screen omnichannel

Also, it allows you to translate the whole knowledge of a bot from one language into another. Nevertheless, we recommend using this functionality warily. Customer’s service must be in the customer’s language, and it is also important to notice that it must be clear and well written. The auto-translation systems are good, but they are not infallible, yet. They are improving each day more, but they still need the small human touch.

” Nowadays the customers’ service is crucial in the economic development. A company without innovation is a company that competes just in prices. And that a careless for its clients company is a company without future. “

Why to use artificial intelligence in my company?

The truth is the response has many shades. But if we understand the use of artificial intelligence for communicating with clients the answer is quite simple. In fact, more than 7.400 million persons in the world all have different purchase habits, different forms of relating with people around them. Moreover everyone likes being served in a good way, through his favorite channel and in the fastest way.

So how we do this without enormous amounts of personnel and resources?

According to the previous facts, immediacy, service quality and a good product, are the crucial factors to stand out.

Marketeer allows you to have the Artificial Intelligence by your side through the chatbots (conversational robots) in order for the client to have a fast and continued interaction with the brand, besides collecting crucial information for your business intelligence and customers’ historic data. There is no more exact AB test, than what a client says.

With a conversational system the customer speaks, asks, communicates his/her claims. It is more than important information for commercial evolution.

omnichannel world screen

So, if you feel prepared, turn your company into a company of the future and with future. The world is changing impressively fast and businesses as well. Marketeer can help you to ease in this change, since we learn with you.


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