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We are happy to announce that our team has been working on a new interface of the Marketeer dashboard and chatbox which will be launched soon. The new interface is clear, even more user-friendly and runs at the speed of light!


Our team has been working hard with as goal to make everything more user friendly than before. You will have a clearer view on the statistics in the dashboard and the graphs are easily comparable. This makes it even more easier to analyse your data! The graphs are live, they are automatically updated with the most recent numbers to ensure you top quality data.


“We track your customers to create hidden patterns in the customer behaviour”

Besides the new dashboard has our team also worked hard to improve the chat surface to also make this more user-friendly. The new surface makes it possible to have a conversation and manage your other chats at the same time! We have implemented the user history in a single timeline, even when you want to minimalize the screen the chat overview remains clear. Watch the video to get a complete image of what the chat surface will look like!


“The Artificial Intelligent chatbot will be your most valuable co-worker”
Our bot will automatically answer to all your visitors on Facebook, your WordPress page, E-mail and many more. The Marketeer software will be your most efficient employee as it sends responses faster than you even could read the message. The software learns correct responses the first time, so there are no additional training expenses necessary. The bot is able to learn everything you want it to say, you can make it as smart as you want! Your team can take the conversation over at any time and manage the link between the customer and the right expert to give the perfect customer support. The bot is also able to help your customers with an online booking or purchase, you can pay directly via the widget!

We will announce the launch of the new interface in a new blogpost, subscribe to our blog down below and stay up-to-date!