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Our CEO, Rudy Bianco held a speech at Mobile Commerce Congress in Madrid last Tuesday.

Just few of the discussed arguments were cybersecurity, big data and mobile technology.rudy bianco Mobile Commerce Congress Madrid 2017


Rudy Bianco spent the last 20 years working with creative companies related with innovation. During this period he discovered a way to create a technology based on Artificial Intelligence that creates and interpretates communication patterns. On this way came out with a strong genetic algorithm that creates natural language processing (NLP) and learns.Rubik Cube mobile congress

In Mobile Commerce Congress he explained how AI is introduced in our lives and how chatbots could improve online businesses. In fact, the place in which people effectively ends up with buying is every day more their mobile phones. Chatbots can revolutionize e-mobile commerce through managing payments procedures for the company, following and tracking online customer behaviors and various kinds of analytics. This will mean not just an easier managing of all companies’ resources but also a faster and better customer experience.

In the Mobile Commerce Congress also several experts held different speeches about every sort of insight we can get from the internet world. There, different perspectives of e-commerce have been analysed such as analytics, big data, right, laws and ethics.

Mobile Commerce Congress Madrid 2017 chessPrincipally, Conversational Commerce will be the way in which companies will upgrade their commercial exchanges in the future. AI will be the key factor in this envelopment. In fact, multi-channel companies are trasforming into omni-channel ones, dealing with customers in all the channels concurrently. What Marketeer and Mastercard are doing together is exactly joinining customer care systems and online payment systems toghether. This sort of new system that integrates both functions will be a must have for every business in the next years.

Don’t let technology scare you: watch the stream!