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March 31, 2016by Rudy Bianco

Luis Font has 12 years of experience in Management and IT Consultancy,15 years of experience as CEO for several companies. Furthermore one of his previous companies was based on live chat so he is familiar with this kind of platforms. Today Luis is the CEO of Agile Sales, a company that accelerates the sales process by combining various sales and marketing techniques. Agile Sales has been using Marketeer for the past few months in order to increase customer retention rates and sales.

Agile Sales Spain

Luis believes that live chat is a powerful tool for companies. It allows customers to have unlimited h24 access to companies.

For Agile Sales specifically it is extremely important that customers can access them 24/7. The best way for its customers to figure out which service is best for them is by directly asking. Now with Marketeer customers can always ask questions and they will get immediate response h24.

Lluis Font

Luis stated that if Agile Sales could not provide services for their customers in a timely manner. Their conversion rates would decrease. Before using Marketeer and customers would have questions and want to set up meeting. Agile Sales simply did not have the capacity to respond to all of their potential customers, costing them money. Moreover the company has benefitted by not having one person specifically dedicated to online customer service, because Marketeer robot answers online questions for them. This is what Luis wanted. He wanted to be able to use his employees in other areas rather than have them solely dedicated to answering online questions. Before Marketeer, they were spending 80-90% of their time answering questions online, now with Marketeer they can focus on other areas while still answering those same questions.

With Marketeer Agile Sales has been able to become 100% accessible to their customers while actually allowing our employees to focus more intently on other areas of work.

Overall the automation that Marketeer provides has allowed Agile Sales to answer all customer questions 24/7. Agile Sales has been able to become 100% accessible to customers, allowing the company’s employees to focus on other areas.

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Author: Natalie Garret – Marketing Marketeer

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