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ACCIÓ is the Catalan Government’s public agency for business competitiveness. It promotes improvements in the Catalan business ecosystem via the combination of internationalization-innovation. Furthermore, it assesses Catalan companies in obtaining financing, it helps them grow via training programs and it advises them in the area of clusters. It is also responsible, through the offices of Catalonia Trade & Investment, for attracting foreign investment into Catalonia.

Joan Mayans - Director de Comercialización y Estrategia internacionalACCIÓ’s function is very interactive and needs an effective way to communicate with its clients. When interviewed Joan Mayans, Marketing & Digital Strategy Manager at ACCIÓ said they used to use mail, phone, and site visits as their channels of communication with their customers. However it is only through Marketeer that ACCIÓ is able to truly offer a direct and agile channel of communication to its clients.

ACCIÓ recognizes the importance of customer service and utilizes Marketeer as a tool for their customer service department in Barcelona, servei d’orientació Empresarial.

Overall, ACCIÓ values Marketeer, as Joan Mayans, Digital Strategist of ACCIÓ states,

Marketeer offers Live Chat with an integrated Automated Virtual Assistant that facilitates and simplifies the customer service process to eliminate concerns of our clients.

Joan says ACCIÓ is very satisfied with Marketeer. ACCIÓ has worked with older versions of Marketeer and admits the results were not that great. However, Marketeer has significantly improved and they are currently more than satisfied with its advancements.

“We’d recommend this company to any sector or firm that has an emphasis on customer service, direct sales, and has enough critical mass traffic. Marketeer is the solution to any company with a focus on Customer Service and Engagement.”

To learn more about ACCIÓ visit: http://accio.gencat.cat/cat/.


Irma Pérez, Marketeer