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Almost every business in today’s world generates content marketing like this post, trying to engage with most people as possible. But just 1 in between 100, answer users’ questions over their content in Facebook pages.

Is this because tools to manage social networks are not quite useful for handling customers?

What about using a Bot?


That was Zuckerberg’s idea. Just few weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s messenger bot, and the world speaks about it. Within days companies such as CNN, KLM and Bank of America launch their owns.

Must-Have vs Nice-To-Have?


Considering there are 900 million active users on Facebook messenger and 2,500 million with WhatsApp combined, it’s not hard to think that maybe it’s not a crazy idea. Reports demonstrate that Facebook has more than a 15% of active users than the next on the list, “Youtube”, 4 times more than Google+ or even more than others. But of course, there are a lot of contradictory news on Internet from the ones who love this idea and the ones saying is crazy to think that a bot can be on top of their customer care.

Market researches say that users prefer a mediocre but quick answer than wait. But, thinking that maybe companies are afraid to let Bots develop this task, we built a Hybrid Human-Machine Solution.


Marketeer just developed a  new messenger bot for Facebook to help you develop this task properly.

Our hybrid messaging platform uses Bots to automatically answer any user’s questions. Perhaps, the Bot is not answering your customer’s questions exactly the way you want. No problem! Your team can take over the conversation anytime through our live messaging platform in the meantime your Bot improve its intelligence.

If you think that now it will be a lot of work to develop this bot, you are far away from the reality. Marketeer’s bots learn from your customer interactions. Thanks that we use machine learning to build efficiently a knowledge base, processing what you are responding to your customers’ needs.

In addition Marketeer let you use your bot on your Web, Emails, Messaging Apps, and soon, at telephone. And why not, maybe we will use bots for searching job inside Linkedin, say congrats to their alerts and why not, make posts for content marketing!

In my case, I prefer a bot than a phone call. I hate waiting. And you?


Rudy Bianco – CEO Marketeer