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Mornings4 is the event bringing the future to Barcelona. On the 24th of November, the attendants to Mornings4 will be able to experience firsthand the 4th industrial revolution, learn about advances in technology, debate about the future of society and see the future of nutrition, artificial intelligence, neuromarketing, health, sustainability, nanotechnology, economy and many more subjects. Check the program here.

We want our public to share with us the surprising future that is awaiting. Imagination joins technology, creating incredible advances and reaching never seen dimensions at an enormous pace, without giving us time to think about the reasons driving each change. In Mornings4 we want to share this new era with entrepreneurs of the future and boost their creativity.

Mornings4 collaborates with experts in this field and counts on the support of CEOs and important firms, entrepreneurs, investors, futurologists, innovation directors and the most important future-oriented companies and institutions that are already changing the world from our country.

The event has limited capacity. For that reason, those who are fortunate and can attend will be able to live the future, whilst, for those who cannot, the event will be broadcasted in streaming and filmed with the best 360º technology, ensuring that those who desire it can enjoy in a manner similar to attendees.

Mornings4.com Limited seats