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The beginning

Firstly, we need to log in. Since every journey starts with a small step. Please use your credentials to log in like we have done right here:Log_in_Screen

The dashboard

Welcome to the dashboard, press the cog wheel button please. Now, please select the widget settings function. Just follow the picture. Marketeer_·_Dashboard___Marketeer_?

Widget Settings

As you can see, we are now in the widget settings. Since, we would like to add to the welcoming widget, we should click on the highlighted box.Widget_Settings___Marketeer



Welcoming Widget


First, we need to make sure that you will make it to the right stop. Scroll down.Our right stop can be found underneath Forms. See the picture on the left for further detail. Since we have to start from scratch, we suggest you that you type in something in the widget. Since the customers will be greeted with this. We can type for instance the following thing: WelcomeI’m Rafi, your intelligent bot. Type your question and I’ll try to give my best answer.

This is how Marketeer works.”

See the picture for an example:


Adding a picture ( optional )

After typing the welcoming message, it’s time to add a picture. This step is optional. 2  Once again, this step is optional!

If you make use of this step, make sure that you play with the size of the picture. See the following picture:


Adding questions to the welcoming widget

This is the important part. We suggest you to introduce the customer by typing; ”quick help”. This will help them navigate during the quest. After typing ”quick help”, you should click on the bullet points. This will make the questions look well ordered.



Now, type in your question. Make sure that you highlight/select your question. After highlighting/selecting the question you click on the icon within the blue box ( see picture).


After clicking on the right box, the following will appear:


Make sure that you copy the following link; javascript:scope.askMarketeer(‘the question you want to add here’)

Now, we need to make sure that the content in box with ”text to display” has the same input as the ”to what url should this link go?”. See the picture below:


Double check if the input of ”Text to display” and  ”To what URL should this link go?” are the same! After doing so, you should click ”insert link”. After clicking on ”insert link” you question will appear like this:



Adding the button function

We suggest you to give the customers an option to connect and chat with you. This step works the same as adding a question to the widget, but it has a different link.



A brief recap. First, type, for instance, the following; ”But if you want to chat with us, open the chat”. By doing so, you guide the customers towards your open chat function. Make sure to select and underline the open chat function. After that, you click on the ”adding a link button”. Then you copy the following link in the second box: javascript:scope.$apply(function(){scope.openChatForm()})