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February 21, 2016by Rudy Bianco

Considering the importance of a customer funnel for a company, we appreciate when new tools make the process easier. This is why we built Marketeer and today we are presenting version 3.0 with Marketeer Intelligent CRM.

I have been working with artificial intelligence for a while – since the end of the 90s, while I was running an advertising company. In 2012 I decided to invest time and money into building a new product that would help me make communication easier and effective for my clients. And today, we have it!

Managing Users and Customers with Marketeer CRM


This screenshot shows my agent interface. I have divided my contacts and leads into the typical growth hacking funnel, the AARRR.

CRM Marketeer Group of contacts
Make Group of Contacts


A year ago we launched the product with a main goal: Conversion and Retention. We not only helped other companies give smart customer support, but we also used it ourselves. We started seeing how fast the leads transform into contacts and the database starts to growth rapidly, creating the need to manage them effectively.

First we exported them and added them to SalesForce but it wasn’t the right solution. We thought SalesForce was a little pricey for the use we had and took too much time to manage contacts (we think they need a tremendous change). Then we went to Hubspot. But it’s not a product for a startup. It’s hard to pay 2,500$ a month for us. Then, last summer, in the middle of improving the algorithm we said “Why not?”

Intelligent CRM marketeer Managing contacts
Simple CRM Marketeer Managing contacts


Since then we have launched the first version of our simplest CRM with simple marketing automations that complete the Marketeer solution. First, we did it to help us convert and suddenly we saw a lot of startups like us trying to manage customers effectively. However, what matters on this Activity Line you have with all of your leads and customers is the way you communicate, when and how – without thinking too much if I have a lot of features at my CRM that I will not use.

CRM marketeer with Marketing Automations
Intelligent CRM of Marketeer with Marketing Automations


Today, at least for us, the top priority is to track, talk, and of course, convert users into active customers. This is what Marketeer lets you do in an entirely new way.

We launched the product in early 2015, and from that we went so fast. The platform is in six languages, with clients in two continents and global partners in America, Europe and Asia. And this is just the beginning. We are building an expert system for big data that will help to predict next steps in your funnel and avoid black holes. Marketeer is becoming a product for global customer communication that on top of that has an intelligence building a strong knowledge base for the company that helps agents and users in real-time.

Intelligent CRM Marketeer Simple Search
Intelligent CRM Marketeer Simple Search

We have a lot of ideas. We have exactly 143 ideas already documented in our Backlog. And we will do it little by little.

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