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When customers contact a business they expect a high standard of Customer Service, which means responding to their inquiries within a reasonable amount of time. So, why responding to your customers quick is so important?

Findings from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs report that
Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. To keep your customers happy, always respond to them within two business days or sooner. Doing so will help to increase the likelihood of building a loyal and happiest customer base.
By responding to your customers in 24 hours, you do not only just answer their questions or reply back, but also reach their expectation of getting response from your company. More importantly, when you are able to give a response instantly – within in a second – you are exceeding their expectation and that’s how you create the value for your visitors.
By giving an instant answer, the customer will love you, and such value you create is a key reason why they keep choosing your company.
Users prefer to have a mediocre respond a time as quick as possible and then later a better respond that wait for an answer that maybe arrive so late for them.
Referrer to this, according to Defaqto Research, 55% of people prefer to pay more if they have a better customer experience.
I do not know any business manager who do not desire more profit for his company. To have more profit, we should consider that our main priority is the client and their experience in relation with our company. And this is why you should use all the resources at your hand to build this credibility.

The size doesn’t matters

At Marketeer we have small-sized businesses that got results just few days after start using our product.
Best Rental Scooter Barcelona, is an small rental company located at Barcelona that double their online sales in just 1 week, helping users online by the use of Marketeer hybrid live conversation solution.
In the other hand, Acció, part of the Catalonia Government which mission is to help to build strong companies and boost the internationalization of the Catalan economy, moves up to 250 visitors at the same time, with a small support team, thanks to the artificial intelligence of Marketeer.
There are many successful example of responding quickly with the similarity of them is that they use Marketeer as their tool of communication with visitors and clients to perform a quick response.

Why this works?

Marketeer is a window to interact with your customers. It’s a sophisticated marketing tool that improves your self-service, helping to engage, convert and capture more leads. Also, Marketeer can transforms your online support into a sales and marketing weapon: adding automated proactivity, segmented targeted messages and 24×7 real-time support, to perform your online sales and customer communication.
See your visitors and send targeted messages